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    Tropes software English Bibliography and Related Works


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    Tropes software English Bibliography and Related Works Empty Tropes software English Bibliography and Related Works

    Message  Pierre Mer 6 Nov - 19:25

    H Abdoul, C Perrey, F Tubach, P Amiel
    Non-Financial Conflicts of Interest in Academic Grant Evaluation: A Qualitative Study of Multiple Stakeholders in France
    PloS one, 2012 -

    Farida Aouladomar
    Towards Answering Procedural Questions

    L Andreescu, R Gheorghiu, M Zulean
    Understanding normative foresight outcomes: Scenario development and the 'veil of ignorance'effect
    Technological Forecasting and Social Change - Volume 80, Issue 4, May 2013, Pages 711–722

    D Bonet & G Pache
    What they say and what they do...
    The logistical relationships between manufacturers and large food retailers re-examined through managers' words
    Proceedings of the 88th EAAE Seminar, Paris, May 2004, pp. 1-14, CD-ROM.

    M Brugidou & P Le Queau
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    Paris, WAPOR conference, 1999.

    M Botella, V Glaveanu, F Zenasni, M Storme
    How artists create: Creative process and multivariate factors
    Learning and Individual - Elsevier, 2013

    JM Burkhardt & M Wolff
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    Proceedings of the International Ergonomics Association conference (IEA2003)
    Seoul, Korea, 2003.

    MM Carvalho, A Fleury, AP Lopes
    An overview of the literature on technology roadmapping (TRM): Contributions and trends
    Technological Forecasting and Social... - Elsevier, 2013

    S Despres & B Delforge
    Designing medical law ontology from technical texts and core ontology
    12th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management,
    EKAW Ontology and texts Workshop, 2000.

    M Gignon, H Idris, C Manaouil, O Ganry
    The waiting room: vector for health education? the general practitioner’s point of view
    BMC research notes - Springer, 2012

    Karim Messeghem, Marie-Pierre Fourquet-Courbet
    Discourse and institutional change in mass retail – the case of an institutional entrepreneur in France: The weblog of Leclerc
    International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management. 2013

    LF Rodrigues, CJ Costa, A Oliveira
    How to develop financial applications with game features in e-banking?
    ISDOC '13 Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Information Systems and Design of Communication.

    Nora Sobel
    Constructing Canadian Citizens: A Textual Analysis of Canadian Citizenship Guides in English-1947-2012
    Thesis submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Manitoba, 2013

    Y Kodratoff
    Knowledge Discovery in Texts: a definition and applications
    in Foundation of Intelligent Systems, Ras & Skowron (Eds.) LNAI1609, Springer, 1999.

    N Langlie
    Educational Technology Leaders: Competencies For A Conceptual Age
    Dissertation Presented in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Philosophy.
    Capella University, 2008.

    A Piolat & R Bannour
    An example of text analysis software (EMOTAIX-Tropes) use:
    The influence of anxiety on expressive writing
    Current Psychology Letters [Online], 2009.

    F Raby
    A User-Centered Ergonomic Approach to CALL Research.
    In J. Ebert & G.Petrie (Eds.) CALL Research Perspectives.
    Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2005.

    J Vander Putten & A L Nolen
    Qualitative Data Analysis: Comparing Results From Constant Comparative and Computer Software Methods
    Conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, November 5-8, 2008 in Jacksonville

    D Veale, G Poussin, F Benes, J.-L. Pepin & P Levy
    Identification of quality of life concerns of patients with obstructive sleep apnoea at the time of initiation of continuous positive airway pressure: A discourse analysis
    In Quality of Life Research. Springer Science + Business Media B.V. Volume 11, Number 4, June 2002.

    W Visser & M Wolff
    Route Plan Descriptions. A Cognitivo-Discursive Analysis.
    Thirteenth Annual Meeting of the Society for Text and Discourse.
    Madrid, Spain, 2003.

    W Visser & M Wolff
    A cognitive approach to spatial discourse production. Combining manual and automatic analyses of route descriptions.
    Proceedings of European Science Conference 2003. EuroCognSci03 (pp.355-360).
    Osnabrück, Germany, 2003.

    S With. & S Kaiser
    Multimodal Annotation of Emotional Signals in Social Interactions
    in Proceedings of the International Meeting at the Institute of Psychology,
    University of Innsbruck / Austria, September 28 – 29, 2007.

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